Dave Warner

Rock legend and writer

‘Suburban Boy’ Dave Warner gained national recognition as a musician-songwriter with the gold album MUG’S GAME. Indeed Bob Dylan declared Warner his favourite Australian songwriter.

Dave began writing novels in 1996 and was the recipient of the West Australian Premier’s Award for Fiction with his debut novel CITY OF LIGHT. 20016 saw his seventh crime novel, BEFORE IT BREAKS, win the prestigious Ned Kelly Award for Best Australian Crime Fiction. A novel CLEAR TO THE HORIZON (Fremantle) will be published Nov 2017. He has also authored six non-fiction titles and a successful series of children’s novels, CHARLOTTE AND THE STARLET.

Dave has written for feature films, stage, television, radio and newspapers. His first feature movie, CUT, starring Kylie Minogue and Molly Ringwald, sold worldwide. GARAGE DAYS, a co-write with director Alex Proyas (The Crow / Dark City), screened at Sundance and was followed by RESTRAINT (Stephen Moyer, Therese Palmer, Travis Fimmel). He also contributed to BLINKY BILL.

Dave’s television writing credits include telemovie INXS Never Tear Us Apart, regular episodes of mainstream Australian primetime dramas WILD BOYS, PACKED TO THE RAFTERS, RESCUE SPECIAL OPS, MCLEOD’S DAUGHTERS.

We’re honoured to have this rock legend and writer as our Patron and for his continued support for artistic creativity of all types.

You can find all out about Dave at his website, http://davewarner.com.au/