Thank you for contacting a Street Librarian


Thank you for contacting one of our fabulous volunteer Street Librarians.

Street Library is pot luck when you arrive you never know what you will find inside.

If your question was regarding donating to the Street Library here are a few things you should know.

  1. You do not need permission to bring books to a Street Library.
  2. Are your books in reasonable condition? If yes drop them off if there is room in the Street Library. 
  3. Do leave them outside of the Street Library as they will be exposed to the weather. Do not dump books as they will end up in the recycling. 
  4. Unfortunately, textbooks, encyclopedia, old books and CD/DVD are not very popular in the Street Library.
  5. COVID – We recommend all Street Libraries follow the guidelines from the Department of Health for best practice for Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for COVID-19
    You should also follow the prevention advice of the Australian Government Department of Health, be aware of COVID-19 myths, and pose any health questions to your doctor. 

Happy reading,

Cecile, Nic, Jon, Gena, Suzy and all our wonderful volunteers

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