In the lead up to this event the Dhinawan who lives at Little Diggers Preschool and Child Care Centre visited services in our community… the Lightning Ridge Central School, Youth Centre, Walanbaa Dhurrali, Lightning Ridge Preschool, and the LR Play Group… getting ready to celebrate its birthday on Saturday 26th of March at Opal Park.

Lawerance Walford did a Welcome to Country to open our event. We explained what Paint The Ridge REaD was all about…. A community capacity building project to support  Relationships, Literacy and Learning. We spoke about the book “Read Run Read” which covered the national Paint  

The Town REaD Relay across Australia, in which the  Dhinawans hatching is featured. These books were then presented to the Services involved in this Project. 

Karnie Walford – NSW Outback Division, Quenisha Walford and Tanya Barclay – Lightning Ridge Central School,  Joan Jones – Lightning Ridge Library, Sarah Chamberlain and Layla Samuelsson – Little Diggers Preschool and Child  Care Centre – June Langmead – Lighting Ridge Community Church, Jayhli McGovern – Paint The Ridge REaD and  Walgan Brenda McBride – Walanbaa Dhurrali. The Dhinawan was very excited to see Quenisha as she was the girl in our story who rode her bike with the egg from which the .

Heather from the Community Church helps children and families with books. Children follow the Dhinawan footprints, making Dhinawan masks. Families and children enjoying the day out with each other. Thank you for coming.


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