Michael shares his story with us about how he started taking photos of Street Libraries.

About 3 years ago I embarked on a plan to explore Sydney on foot. Mainly to regain some fitness but also to share my experiences with friends around the world and introduce them to a different side of Sydney.

Initially my plan was to see if I could walk all the Coastal Headlands from Cronulla to Palm Beach. That quickly evolved into bush walks, river walks and suburban exploration.

I became engrossed in culture, art history and so many things that Sydney offers. Things I never knew existed.

I’ve spent every weekend since looking for new things to explore. Street Art, quirky Bronze Birds in the CBD, Tiny Doors on the Northern Beaches, Green Plaques around the City. Five million steps and close to 5000km so far and there is still so much more to see and do.

I am obsessed with two things. Traffic Signal Box Art and Street Libraries.

My first discovery of a Street Library started in Gosford (outside the Station on Mann’s Rd). At first I thought this was a one off. But over the coming months I found Street Libraries in Marrickville, Enmore and Bankstown.

I investigated online and found Street Library Australia website and all the registered Street Libraries I have yet to visit.

After three months of exploring I have found and photographed 245 Street Libraries across 96 suburbs. With a mission to capturing as many as I can.

I have also started a Facebook album on my personal page to share with my mates. I have only posted the first 38, so there’s plenty to add and show off to the wider community. One of my friends in South Africa was so taken by the concept that she started her own “Street Reads” outside her business.

It was been a massive success and I would like to continue documenting the wonderful Street Libraries and spreading the love of books in communities around Australia.