Who would vandalise a Street Library?

Which of the following best describes your situation:

  1. I’ve had very few to no incidents of vandalism
  2. I’ve had a small incident of vandalism (e.g. books damaged, guest book stolen)
  3. I’ve had a big incident of vandalism (e.g. Library destroyed or stolen, all of the books repeatedly stolen)

As it turns out, when someone damages a Street Library, it’s rarely because they hate it, and think that no one should have free access to books. It’s more complicated than that.

Here are some simple steps to help you if your Street Library has been targeted.

  • Do a Neighbourhood Watch letterbox drop your area to let everyone know that your Street Library has been vandalised.
  • Contact your local media and suggest they run a story about you and your library.
  • Post on your local community Facebook group
  • Fill in our donation application to see if a kind soul will donate a new Street Library to you.
  • Build another one. Do not let them defeat you build and build again! One day they will get tired and move on.
  • Write a sign to alert where your Street Library once lived to let everyone know when they walk past.

Keep the magic of the Street Library going and share the love with your community.

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