Huge love and congratulations to Street Librarian Debbie and Mannuem Community Street Library aka The Arthouse/Outhouse in Mannuem, QLD!

When this unique and special Street Library popped up on the Street Library Australia map last year, we knew it was something very special. We have since been blown away by the support and appreciation demonstrated by the Mannuem community in showing their appreciation of this beautiful and thoughtful offering to the community. 

“I get so much joy from the library,” says Debbie, who established her Street Library to honour the memory of her Mother and repurposed the old outhouse that sat in her mum’s Beaudesert backyard for 54 years until her passing. “It’s wonderful to know that the library brings joy to so many others, as well.

Children of all ages want their parents to stop and investigate this amazing Street Library,” says one supporter. “It provides not only books, but also puzzles, games and a letter writing service. The latest initiative offered is finding pen pals for children. It’s awesome.”

What would my Mum think of the library?” Debbie wonders. “Mum was from a generation that was not much for handing out praise… but behind my back she would have told everyone in our home town how brilliant the library was and how proud of me she was. Eventually I would have heard  that story from others!”

In 2024 Debbie plans to build up the herb garden that sits alongside her library to include vegetables for sharing with the community, as well as creating a space for recipe sharing and swapping. She will also continue to acknowledge special  days and themes through her library and will offer activities to spark conversations around them too.

“Debbie has injected her heart and soul into the Mannuem Community Street Library and we are incredibly grateful for the commitment, effort and passion she has put in to promote literacy and support the rural community up in the South Burnett region,” says Street Library Australia Founder and Chair, Nic Lowe. “It’s fantastic  to see her community respond with such gratitude.”

 Congratulations Debbie!


A blue Street Library in Tuross Heads, NSW.