Financial Contributors - Donation Waitlist

These folks have given to our Donation Waitlist Program.

Our donation waitlist enables people and organisations to get libraries for no-cost. Join the waitlist here.
The people on this list have bought libraries for people on our waitlist!

Blake and Annika from My Inner West Address

Blake and Annika are supporting Street Libraries through the Inner West of Sydney. If you’d like one on your street (and live in the inner west of Sydney) – contact them on their facebook page,

Thanks Annika and Blake – great grass roots support of community initiatives!

Goget Carshare

Goget is supporting the distribution of Street Libraries through Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. If you’ve like to apply for a free one, hit our ‘Donation Waitlist’ page

Waverley Council

Waverley Council

Waverley Council has contributed generously to our donation waitlist program. Thanks to the good folks there for their foresight and love of books!

Government Partners

Without these people, we’d be nowhere.

Thanks for all your help

City of Sydney

City of Sydney helped us get founded, and meant we could really get the project moving in NSW.

Waverley City Council

Waverley Council are committed to putting Street Libraries in their community. Thanks for your assistance, from us and from the resident librarians of Waverley Council.

Non financial contributors

These folks have contributed expertise, time and effort to the project.

Without these people, we’d be nowhere.

Thanks for all your help

McLean and Associates, Solicitors

McLean and Associates are assisting us through the complex world of DGR status. Thanks Hans, for your enthusiasm and for your keen professional eyes.

Memberships and Associations we're part of

We're in their gang. And they're in ours.

Australian Publishers Association

The Australian Publishers Association (APA) is the peak national body responsible for representing the Australian publishing industry and for promoting the importance of the published word to the educational, social, cultural and intellectual life of Australia.

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