We donated one of our libraries to The Footpath Library

The Footpath Library collects donated books from the public and publishers and gives them to those who don’t have access to good quality reading material.


The Footpath Library gives away free books to homeless people living on the street via their mobile services, through libraries they have installed and through stock in hostels, refuges and community organisations in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.


Their volunteers work around the clock to provide an literary escape to those living under bridges, on the sidewalks and those battling homelessness.

We absolutely love what these guys are doing, sharing the love of writing and reading throughout Australia.

The Footpath Library is currently hosting their “2016 Short Story Competition” and we’d love for everyone to get involved.

Our Street Library is a competition prize for the school with the most entries!

Heres how to Enter: 2016 Short Story Competition