A Book for a Nook

609 Drummond Street South, Redan, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Drummond Street South street library has an range of books and magazines for all ages and interests. Come and see what is available this week; leave a message in the book, and meet your neighbours. Ring our door bell and stay for tea and a chat.

We have a passion for reading and are always looking for book bargains. We are new to Ballarat and wanted to meet our neighbours. A street library seemed to be the ideal way to accomplish both. We can read lots of new books and meet our neighbours when they visit the library.
A visit to the nearby Daylesford Tip Shop provided a cooler with a glass door ($10) , and a ready formed “roof” (free). Some work cleaning the cooler, painting the roof, constructing new shelves and creating a solution to make sure the library would be safe and stable and the roof remain in place and we were ready to go.
We decided to have a “Grand Opening” and wrote an invitation which we leafleted to more than 200 households in our area. Two dozen people turned up to meet us and enjoy cake and tea/coffee. Everyone thought it was a great idea; and brought more books than they took home! The support has been confirmed by the comments left in our notebook.
Now that we have such a large stock of books they will be rotated on a weekly basis so if people don’t see what they like at first viewing they can come along and see what’s new the next week.

Located at:609 Drummond Street South, Redan, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

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