Butterfly Book Box

6 Lorne Avenue, Magill SA 5072

Inside the walls of our Montessori preschool we learn to love literacy - and we want to share that magic with you!

The written word is a wonderful thing. By building on our capacity for verbal communication, written language allows us to connect with people not only ‘face-to-face’ but also across time and space! We hope our Street Library will help to share and spread our love of learning and reading.

Our preschool children chose the theme of the ‘Butterfly Book Box’. This is partly because our Jescott Montessori logo is a butterfly, but we also believe that it symbolises the fact that reading can be transformative! Each word, each page, each book can spark a metamorphosis of the mind, heart and soul!

Our Butterfly Book Box was decorated by the children, who all pitched in and collaborated to paint the library itself as well as its special decorations.

Located at:6 Lorne Avenue, Magill SA 5072

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