The Button Spot Library

145-149 Lime Avenue Mildura VIC 3500

Visiting our Street Library will show you the passion we have as an Early Years Centre that encourages reading of all ages.

Welcome to our Button Spot Street Library at Mildura Central Early Learning Centre.
It has been a part of the Mildura Central family since May 2017. During this time the children and their families have borrowed books and also donated many stories for other families to explore and read.
At first the library was located in the foyer at the centre, however with the creativity and imagination from the children within the centre, a stand was made and decorated for it to find its new home outside the front door.
Once the Street Library was relocated to the entrance of the centre, the entire community can take part in the experience and our collection of books grew.
Partaking in this experience encourages literature and language through written text.
Reading books is vital to learning new words, new languages and improves your language development.

Located at:145-149 Lime Avenue Mildura VIC 3500

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