Caroline Springs Community Garden’s Little Street Library

28 Fydler Ave, Burnside, Vic

A place the community come together, young and old, to share a love of literature, the written word and create memories with our loved ones.

Since a very young age, the written word has fascinated me. The excitement of turning the page and finding where the adventure will take me next, never went away.
As an adult, I began collecting books with a supernatural theme. Vampires, Werewolves, witches, dragons, fairies, Angels, demons, you name it I collected it.
Although, vampires always kept my interest. At this point in time, I own around 2000 books.
Having worked in a school library and writing my own books, the joy of seeing children find that one book which captivates and excites them, always fills me with such pride.
Opening a little street library has been a dream of mine for over 5 years and with the help of local kids in the hand on learning trade program and bricks found on a property outside Ballarat, the Caroline Springs Community Garden’s little street library is a reality.
As you open the door of possibilities, the imaginations of children, YA and adult book authors will greet you and inspire you to take a book, and/or leave a book.

Located at:28 Fydler Ave, Burnside, Vic

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