Fusion Sydney North Street Library

5 Jersey Street, Hornsby NSW 2077

Connecting neighbours and encouraging compassionate neighbourhoods. Come and visit the Fusion Sydney North Library located on 5 Jersey St, Hornsby NSW.

The journey of belonging starts with community.
Let us paint a picture of our Open Day and the launch of the Fusion Sydney North Street Library: volunteers, young and old, welcoming people in, affirming, enjoying and loving each person, no matter what season of life they are in.
Council Representatives, friends of Fusion, people in need of support and newcomers to the community all celebrating together.
An atmosphere of celebration, the launch of a new opportunity to connect with one another, to share resources and to begin a new way of reaching out without confrontation.
A community that actively welcomes all members to come as they are, and stay as long as they like; where pain and loss, grief and loneliness, do not carry the same power as they would in isolation. And healing is not just a theory, but an ongoing practice that takes place day in and day out.
At Fusion, our mission is to engage creatively with communities to bring life. We hope to engage the youth as well in adding to our library; empowering them to thrive in community action too.

Located at:5 Jersey Street, Hornsby NSW 2077

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