Little Library by the Sea

11 Crawford St, Newport VIC 3015

I'm not for sale ; )

Hi I’m the little library by the sea.

On a clear day, I can see where the Yarra Yarra River kisses the ocean as ships sail home and away.

I stand on the homeland of the Wurundjeri people. They have been telling stories here for thousands of years. Can you hear them asking us to take care of the land and the children?

I am made of wood from a tree in Queensland. I was cut down and some of me became a bunny hatch. The bunny liked it better outside and one day left forever. That’s when I was put on the street. I thought my life was over.

Then an author saw me and squealed. She asked her friend Jai to help take me to her house. They lifted me onto a wheelbarrow and I got dizzy. Then the woman gave me a bath and a hard scrub, which I didn’t like. The spiders didn’t like it either and ran away. I won’t miss them.

Each day the woman came out in coveralls and a mask. She painted me light green, white, and then purple! She wore a mask because of the COVID stage four safety restrictions. I liked seeing her happy. She enjoyed creating in a time of loss, especially when Kara, the neighbour who helped put on my purple door, got sad.

Kara’s grandfather died of COVID. His name was Steven Williams. He would have loved me because he liked building things. I am sorry we never met.

I appreciate life more now.

Bunnies don’t chew me and people visit me because I’m by the footpath.
I especially like it when little kids find a book and hug it tight.
That makes me happy. It makes the books happy too.

When you can, I hope you’ll visit.

* * *

The copyright of this story is retained by the author (c) Louise Karch, 2020
The library is dedicated to Steven Williams.
His granddaughter Kara Williams assisted with the purple door.
Jai Cheswick is a generous landscape designer who was the official wheelbarrow pilot.

Located at:11 Crawford St, Newport VIC 3015

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