Meerilinga High Wycombe Street Library

104 Edney rd. High Wycombe, WA, Australia

Come and get a book that you like but don't forget to bring another book to share with others. The street library is available to all- Children and adults, English readers or other languages.

We have noticed that our Early Learning Program children are interested in letters, asking to learn how to write their names and love their book’s corner. Children will often bring a book from home to share and educators will use this opportunity to read the book together, expand the children’s learning, talk about what we like or dislike.
We find that reading a book together is a great opportunity to develop meaningful relationship with the children and a great start of meaningful conversations.
The City of Kalamunda has donated the street Library for us and we installed it in an under cover area that is accessible to all.
We announced the present of our new street library through social media to hopefully reach to as many people as possible within our community.

Located at:104 Edney rd. High Wycombe, WA, Australia

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