Poppi’s Street Library

97 Garnet Road, Miranda NSW 2228

Located out the front of our preschool and long day care our library has been loving discussed, designed and painted by the children from our centre. Our library began with contributions from our families and has grown to include our whole community, we can't get enough!

Poppi’s Street Library aims to bring our preschool and long day care centre closer to our community. After discussion we decided that the Street Library was a great initiative helping our families recycle and exchange books that had already been read with ease.

On receiving our library we decided we wanted to ensure that it represented our service, the children and our families. To do this we asked our Inventors room (3-5years) for ideas on how we should paint our library;

LH – Different country things, like Aboriginal dots and people
L – We can decorate it with sticks
A – Christmas stuff and words
C – Paint some windows on it
S – Paint rainbows on there
SR – Paint hearts on there
M – Put our hands on there

After many discussions it was obvious we wanted a library that represented ‘us’, we wanted to ensure it represented our core values with children, families and the community being at the core. So it was decided that we would use our logo and the idea of one our children as our inspiration. The children took great pride in painting and imprinting their hands all over the Library and making a rainbow door.

We can now proudly say that our Library stands out the front of our Poppi’s Preschool and Long Day Care and is a true representation of us. It is a small piece of our service, proudly on display in the community.

Our children and families are loving the Library and we love seeing the community stop by to exchange and drop off books too. We cannot wait to add to our Library and plan on having one for the children and one for the adults and eventually a special place to drop by and sit and enjoy a story or two.

Located at:97 Garnet Road, Miranda NSW 2228

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