The Glenda

51 Druitt Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia

A City of Sydney office library for staff to connect and share books. The first official street library installed in an office in Australia!

The City of Sydney installed this library in an office kitchen for staff to connect and share books while supporting enhanced team, well-being and productivity outcomes.

It’s affectionately named ‘The Glenda’, with a brass plaque to boot, after a recently retired colleague.

A crack team of Strategic Planning and Urban Design staff lovingly painted it after work over a couple of Fridays.

It features paintings of a street grid, bookshelf, city scape and the Sirius building.

While painting it, a staff member said ‘this is the most relaxing thing I’ve done in ages!’

Following its unveiling, staff spontaneously stocked it with an eclectic range of books and it’s been an instant success.

The books offer a fascinating insight into the collective mind of the SPUD team.

Books are now the new ‘water cooler’ topic of choice!

Located at:51 Druitt Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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