Turtle Bend Street Library

Teesdale Store, Teesdale Vic 3328

Visiting our library means you will be visiting the 'hub'of our small community, which is our Teesdale Store, with the freindly owners providing hot coffee and food, as well as post office and groceries and even last minute gifts! So a book can be swopped over at the same time, while you drink a coffee and enjoy our pretty township.

Teesdale is a small township with a Store, a Pharmacy, a Primary Scool, Kinder and CFA brigade. I built a street library for the community from re cycled furniture and materials, featuring a long necked turtle decoration, as that is our mascot creature and we have a beautiful meeting place designed like a turtle shell, on the bend of native hut creek, where bbq and social events are held. The teesdale store proprietors kindly allowed the new street library to sit outside near the entrance, and it has become another thing that the locals now use, together with the food share trolley, and the community newsboard. We are still a relatively small community, but starting to get bigger as more families move in, so its nice to maintain that sense of community by things we can all share, such as books!

Located at:Teesdale Store, Teesdale Vic 3328

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