Thanks to all the volunteers this year!

We held a Mad Hatters Tea Party to say thanks to our many volunteers and Street Librarians. If you couldn’t make it, perhaps we’ll see you next year?

Or, you could simply have your own Tea Party to say thanks to all your neighbours for supporting your Street Library.

Thanks again to our wonderful volunteers:

This year, our volunteers:

  • Helped us grow to nearly 500 Street Libraries across Australia
  • Built Street Libraries
  • Packed Street Libraries
  • Helped us out making the interwebs work
  • Wrote some newsletters
  • Helped us out with some serious administration
  • Found new places to put libraries
  • Told lots of people about the concept and spread the word
  • Donated books to many libraries across Australia

And of course:

  • Became a Street Librarian and started their own Street Libraries!