Snap Send Solve makes it simple to do your bit, on the go. Their business is keeping shared spaces safe, clean and great to be in, and we’re very grateful that this extends to reporting unregistered Street Libraries. 

 Helping us to map unregistered Street Libraries is as quick and easy as downloading the free Snap Send Solve app from the App Store or Google Play and following this checklist: 

  1. Open the app and confirm your location
  2. Select the Incident Type ‘Street Library Location’ under the ‘Community’ Category
  3. Take and add a photo
  4. Add comments and contact details so we can let you know we’ve acted on your report
  5. Send report


Street Library Australia’s business is promoting literacy and encouraging community connections through the Street Library network. Helping to provide free and unrestricted access to books is our jam and the more Street Libraries we have on our map, the closer we get to realising our goals.

So if you see an unregistered Street Library during your travels this summer, get snapping and let us know!














A simple Street Library
A Street Library covered by a garbage bag to protect it from the weather