We have huge admiration for Queensland-based Street Librarian Andy, whose rapid bounceback in the face of some ridiculous weather is something to behold.

Andy and his wife registered their Lennox Tardis Street Library back in October 2023,  and their bespoke Street Library was humming along beautifully until it was irreparably damaged by a large fallen branch during the Big Wet that has descended upon the east coast of the country this past few weeks.

Barely missing a beat and undeterred by the formidable weather, Andy quickly workshopped a hardy and sustainable option to take its place. Say Hello to the Lennox ‘Cool’ Library.

Luckily for us the damage to the Street Library was the only damage done to our place,” says Andy.

“The replacement Street Library  started life as a display bar fridge. It was no longer working,  so rather than sending it to landfill we rescued it and made it a Street Library.”

“We’re downsizing my wife’s book collection; the Street Library is a way that we can share her love of reading with others in the neighbourhood.”

Non-working appliances are a great option for those in need of some industrial-style weatherproofing, and a fridge seal is hard to beat in terms of keeping out the rain. With its neat customised roof and some pretty and practical solar lights, the Lennox ‘Cool’ Library is here for a long time AND a good time.

Big props to Andy for his community spirit, resilience and resourcefulness!


A blue Street Library in Tuross Heads, NSW.
A blue Street Library in Tuross Heads, NSW.

The original Lennox Tardis.