Where Can I Donate Books?

Donate to your local street library

Your Closest Dropoff Point

We believe books should never go to waste, and one of the best uses of excess books is to spread them through the community!  If you’d like to donate some of your books to Street Library, you just need to drop them off at your closest Street Library, then they’ll be ready for anyone to read.

The best thing is, we don’t just have one drop off point, we have hundreds, all across the country!  Every Street Library works as one.  Some of them are probably right near you.

Donated books are the lifeblood of Street Libraries everywhere.  Without books, it’s not even a library! 

If you have a huge number of books to donate, we don’t have a single centralised drop off point, but you’re more than welcome to spread them out across a few  different libraries in your area.

If you’d like to find your closest Street Library drop off point, find your location on the map below!

Buy a library

street library

If you’d like to get more involved, setting up your own street library is easy and fun!  The first step is to buy a your own library and become a true street librarian!

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