Mobile Library Stand


Featuring high quality wheels, a strong base to support and weigh down your library, and a big post to display your library in all its magnificence. This is most suitable for indoor use, perhaps in a large hospital, office building or factory floor where you need to move your books around. Paintable, organic and hand crafted by inner city artisans, they exude style, grace and mobility. Delivery will take between 2-3 weeks, as our team of hipster carpentry elves will have to build it for you. The stand comes partially disassembled, but we include an Alan key and the three coach screws you need to assemble it. The completed product is about 100cm high, and about 60cm by 60cm around the base.

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This mobile library stand is a perfect addition for Books on the Move.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 30 cm

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