Ideas for our Valued Volunteers!

We’re always looking for good people to help us get to our target of 5000 Street Libraries by 2021.

Sharing the love of reading by having a Street Library accessible to everyone. Building and connecting with your community with the house planted in your garden. We can’t do it without our volunteers who have embraced this wonderful project. Here are some ideas of ways for us to grow across Australia.

Spread the love of Street Libraries:

  • Send your local council the link for a Council Grant Pack or Workshop Grant Pack.
  • Have a chat with your local member about Street Libraries.
  • Create a media storm by contacting your local media outlet to announce your Street Library.
  • Talk to your friends, family and work colleagues.
  • Be the social media paparazzi and go crazy taking photos of Street Library

Our current openings for volunteers are listed here:

Testimonials from our Volunteers

Street Library gave me a chance to play with power tools and share a laugh with different people

Andrew V

Workshop Volunteer

“I developed my love for nail guns while volunteering for Street Library Australia! Its a great way to learn some basic business and carpentry skills while having a laugh and a yarn with some like-minded people from all walks of life.”

Briana T

Workshop Volunteer

Glad to be involved with the Street Library initiative. It feels great to help a community project that gets more people reading and encourages people to have fun in the process. I love how it not only promotes learning, but also brings people together and helps to build stronger communities.

Tom W

Digital Volunteer

“I come from a background of never really having built stuff or tried woodwork/carpentary. I got so much out of helping the Street Library mob build a couple of street libraries -I learnt new skills and will feel more confidence in making things like this in the future. Was also a great way to meet awsesom people who love the Street Library concept and want to contribute to seeing more of these in our towns and neighbourhoods’.

Kate R

Workshop Volunteer

Helping out at Street Library over the past year has been a real page turning experience.  I have never been a big book reader but have gained a great appreciation for their importance in our society.  By contributing to the creation of these little boxes, filling them with books and putting them in public spaces I have been witness to the joy and commonality they bring out in others.  This has led me to not only give more time to helping grow the Street Library movement, but to also take more time out to enjoy the tales they hold inside.

Kriss S

General Volunteer